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Skinks are reptiles that look a lot like a snake. They have small or even vestigial limbs, and mostly slither to move about. They are social and usually calm when handled. But don't hold them by the tail, it can become detached to ensure escape from a predator. They are carnivores or insectivores depending on the species, so make sure you know what their preferred food is. Like all reptiles, they can carry salmonella and the CDC says they are not recommended for children 5 years old or younger.

Veterinary Care - Sick skinks are tested for parasites. X-rays and bloodwork may be taken to make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan to restore them to good health.

Remember to always wash your hands after handling any animal, especially reptiles and amphibians. See information from the CDC about reptiles and contagious salmonella infections.

Our staff would gladly speak to you if you have any further questions about your skink.

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