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Fish Information

Fish are great pets for young and old alike.

General - Options for this hobby include freshwater, saltwater, or brackish water, kept as an indoor aquarium or outdoor pond. The cost can vary from very low to quite expensive depending on the type of fish you choose to keep and the type of set up you need to keep them healthy. Generally speaking, the larger the aquarium or another container, with the less amount of fish, the less likely it will become contaminated. Besides not overcrowding your fish, optimum water conditions include knowing the preferred temperature, pH, salinity, turbulence, and tolerance ranges for ammonia/nitrates is essential. The main causes of contaminated water are overfeeding and dirty hands in the water!

Veterinary Care - Most pet fish are captive bred but some are wild-caught. Knowing the source of your fish will help your vet diagnose whether parasites are likely or not when your fish is sick. Bring a sample of the normal water your fish lives in so it can be tested for parasites and chemical contaminants. Also, your fish can be sampled for external and internal parasites. X-rays, blood work and surgery can be used and return your fish to good health.

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