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Salamanders are amphibians that look a lot like a reptile having a tail as a juvenile and an adult.

They need a moist habitat; some regularly walk around on the ground while others mostly stay in the water. Because of their very specialized habitat requirements, extra care must be taken to provide for their needs. They are easily injured if handled a lot and must be kept in very clean conditions. They are carnivores and will eat a variety of insects in various stages of development, from eggs to grubs to adults.

Veterinary Care - Sick salamanders brought to the vet will be tested for parasites, x-rayed for abnormalities and blood tested for metabolic diseases. A normal sample of their water should be brought in for testing to rule out chemical contaminants and parasites.

Remember to always wash your hands after handling any animal, especially reptiles and amphibians. See information from the CDC about reptiles and contagious salmonella infections.

Our staff would gladly speak to you if you have any further questions about your salamander.

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