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Hedgehog Information

Hedgehogs are typically active at dawn and dusk.  They spend much of their daytime hours sleeping. Short spines cover the crown of their head and back, while coarse, dense fur covers the rest of the body. The average life span of a hedgehog is 5-8 years.


Diet - Hedgehogs are insectivorous mammals and very prone to obesity in captivity. Provide an exercise wheel for activity. Commercial hedgehog food or dry, low-calorie cat food should make up the bulk of the adult diet (2-3 teaspoons daily). Supplement the diet daily with 1-2 teaspoons of chopped, mixed vegetables and/or fruit as well as insects. Three to four crickets or mealworms or one earthworm may be offered. Feed hedgehogs during the evening. Make fresh filtered water available at all times in a shallow ceramic dish or water bottle. 

Other - It is recommended female hedgehogs be spayed to prevent reproductive tumors. Hedgehogs are prone to gastrointestinal infections and skin mites which cause quill loss.

Veterinary Care - See your vet twice a year to discuss the health of your hedgehog.

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